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North America

We provide Solutions to our Client's problems

Our American headquarters are in Atlanta GA, and we have a broad network of trusted American affiliates and agents that would respond in no time to any request.

We specialize in locating and rescuing abducted children and adults. No matter which part of the world the children were taken to, we would locate them and return the children to their families and homes.

Jacob Lapid, the company’s manager was elected several times best International Investigator after rescuing abducted children.

Here are some recent examples:

  • In one case a girl that was kidnapped by a gang of extremists in L.A was rescued harmlessly by LapidIM‘s team in Jacksonville FL.  After several agencies failed for months to locate her. The Jacksonville Sheriff said in media conference that he never saw such a perfect smooth operation.

  • In another case two boys of three and five years old, abducted by their father from N.Y.C, there was no clue about their whereabouts. LapidiIM analyzed the possibilities, concluding that he would look for shelter under Sharia law. In a short time, the boys were located and rescued by LapidIM’s team in Tunisia and returned to their mother.

  • A Canadian toddler abducted by his father who used forged documents, was found thousand miles away by LapidIM’s team and then rescued from the father’s hideout in Armenia. LapidIM engaged a famous influential singer in negotiating the Armenian Prime Minister and coordinated operations with Justice Ministry and law enforcement.

  • A baby of only several months old who was abducted from her legal mother by the father and a surrogate mother. The Interpol announced the surrogate mother a wanted person and Police departments all over America and Europe started looking for her. She was found after a long and complicated surveillance in Cyprus.


Nevertheless, our Team is helping not only abducted children.

LapidiM assists Corporations, Law Firms, Research Institutes and Colleagues with Due Diligence Investigations, Financial Information, Assets Locating, meticulous Inspection Services and Background Checks.

LapidIM works for American top law-firms and supports North American leading investigations agencies in managing investigative assignments. In fact, more than half of LapidIM cases come from other investigations agencies.

Cooperation is vital. LapidIM is happy to collaborate with colleagues; many of them hold unique knowledge and valuable experience that are frequently the key for a successful file.

Courtyard in Savanna

Investigating and surveillance in Savanna

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