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Assets Search and Locating Missing Persons

LapidIM has conducted many missing persons investigations. In some cases, LapidIM has been contracted to find children who have been abducted illegally by a parent.

In other cases, a missing adult is suffering from a serious mental disorder that distorts thinking processes. These investigations frequently require LapidIM professionals to develop close liaisons with local police and are often sensitive in nature. There is often an urgency involved and there may by a threat to the life or well-being of the missing person, requiring immediate action.


LapidIM’s Confidential Asset Tracing -Personal and Corporate

Persons and entities who feel they have lost property, financial investments or other assets as a result of fraud, embezzlement and theft may seek to reclaim their property by hiring an investigator to complete an asset search. An asset search is invaluable in determining whether it is worth going to court to seek a judgment against an entity.

There are many types of asset searches, ranging from a straightforward search for real property to a comprehensive search of assets directly or indirectly controlled by an entity. Prudent investors will request complete asset searches (full due diligence investigations including assets, liabilities and holdings) before entering into a partnership with other entities or purchasing equity in businesses.

Locating people in center asia

Locating People in Uzbekistan

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Locating People in Uzbekistan

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