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Licenses & Organizations

We hold Ministry of Justice License for Management of Investigations and Private Investigations License.

Licensed for Bankruptcy Investigations.

Cooperation is vital. LapidIM is happy to collaborate with colleagues; many of them hold unique knowledge and valuable experience that are frequently the key for a successful file. 

Language is not a barrier to our staff who speak: Mandarin, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, English, Hebrew, Romanian, Polish, Kazakh and Russian.


Local representatives and affiliates in each country are tested and chosen carefully, as we expect them to provide quality service and support to high profile and long-term clients.

LapidIM is proud member in:


CII International Coumncil of Investigators
Asis International Advancing Securitggy Worldwide
W.A.D World Association of Detectives, Inc. Established 1925
Integrity Intellenet
Israel-America Chamber of Commerce
Scrip Strategic and Competitve Intelligence Professionals
ILAR International League of Associations for Rheumatology
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