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Wills and Inheritance Investigations

For several reasons Wills and Inheritance are subjected to fraud more than anything else.

Frequently Wills are forged.

In many cases, Wills were not made legally.

Most often information about assets is lost.

Disputes between Heirs are common.

Sometimes connection with Heirs is lost.


LapidIM gained vast experience all over the world in resolving such problems.

A few examples:

Discovering lost Millions Dollars of deceased people in Swiss banks.

Proving that a Heir manipulated a will, instructing illegally the Will maker.

Forging a Will made at dying person's bed in Germany.

Investigating genealogy in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Exposing illegal role of an attorney in the US.

Finding lost assets in France Spain and Morocco.

Discovery of Holocaust lost assets in Europe.

investigation in romania

Inheritance Investigation in Romania

street surveillance

Locating Bank Accounts

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