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Cross Borders Surveillance

We offer surveillance teams in most countries.

We coordinate cross border surveillance.

Nothing can replace the expert "watchful eye” provided by field surveillance teams, professionally trained and supervised.

LapidIM’s expertly designed and placed and monitored surveillance cameras provide even more valuable information to our clients. 

Coordinating and running surveillance operations, even in dangerous regions where there are no local investigators available and across international borders is our expertise.  LapidIM professional teams have performed dozens of surveillance assignments all over the world. Our investigators have become expert in revealing medical fraud through insurance surveillance investigations.


Examples of International Field Surveillance Cases:


 A North American Insurance company was burdened with an expensive case regarding a person who claimed to be 100% disabled, constantly requiring assistance and a wheelchair for transportation. LapidIM’s investigators found that the claimant was planning to attend a family wedding in a remote Indian village where every foreigner would be viewed as suspicious. This was an isolated area, and there were no local investigators available. LapidIM’s team successfully disguised themselves as beggars and set up a surveillance operation. The target was observed leaving the house, dressed elaborately and accompanied by the bride and groom, to formally register the marriage at the City Hall. LapidIM’s team of "beggars” videotaped the target walking out of the house without support, entering a car without help, and climbing the stairs of the City Hall with no problem. This evidence contradicted the target’s claim of 100% disability. LapidIM was contacted by an Insurance company that was interested in verifying the claim of a Canadian citizen of Iranian background who was involved in an accident and claimed to have a 100% medical disability. Various investigations firms had followed this person in Canada, and all of their surveillance efforts revealed that he was in a wheelchair. However, the insurance firm was not convinced. The company learned that the target would be visiting Iran, and they searched for an agency that could handle such high-risk surveillance in a hostile environment. LapidIM first established surveillance at his mother’s home in Tehran, Iran.

LapidIM’s local source revealed that the subject intended to travel to neighboring Turkey. Our team in Iran had followed the subject, who took a 1000 km bus trip until he reached the border high in the mountains. Another team continued the surveillance on the other side of the border for an additional 1400 km until he reached Istanbul, Turkey. The team videoed the subject going off the bus with no assistance and checking into a hotel, but this was not the juiciest part of the story. In the evening the subject went out with his friends, he boarded a cruise boat with entertainment on it. The team joined the trip and, to their astonishment when the atmosphere became "hot”, the subject climbed on a table and danced with a sexy belly dancer.

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