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LapidIM is proud of its well-established and large network in the Russian Federation. LapidIM Russia Corporation serves both Russian and International clients, many of them are colleagues of professional organizations. Among our Russian customers are leading financial institutes who consider LapidIM Russia Corp. most reliable and trustworthy,

LapidIM started its first cooperation with General Pisminsky who was Chief of Interpol and General Kasimov who was Kazakhstani military Chief of staff.

Today, Mr. Lapid is the only foreigner who is a member of the Russian Detectives and Security Professionals Association.


LapidIM executed hundreds of successful assignments all over Russia and CIS, at dozens of locations from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. In spite of some local difficulties LapidIM insists that its staff would be licensed and trained according to our ethical and professional standards.


Some Examples of our Experience:

Coordinating a large simultaneously at 25 cities located in 10 different time zones, involving 200 agents and staff.

Providing continuous executive security at several industrial and remote mining locations in Siberia and in Southern Russia.

Exposing illegal business relationships and bribery within one of the biggest international corporations.

Exposing false Death claims for insurance purposes.

Rescue of abducted babies.



LapidIM services in Russia:


Products Counterfeit investigations.

Death Verification for Insurance matters.

Health and Injuries claims investigations.

Lost properties insurance claims.

Pre-Employment checks.

Locating Relatives.

Natural Resources, Mines, Oil Fields due diligence investigations.

Educational Testing Centers inspection.

Goods and transportation inspection.

Fraud Exposure.

Executive Security.

Security Survey.


Shipment and Freight investigations.

Assets search.

Abduction Investigations.

Background and Due Diligence checks.

Artworks investigations.

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