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Middle East

Are you interested in researching an Israeli Hi-Tech Start-up background?

Do you want to locate a criminal who found safe haven in Israel?

Do you wish to find a lost contact relative?


The Middle East is the birthplace of human society and culture. This region is the origin of modern governmental systems, old world super powers, moral and ethical values, and the belief in a single god.


The Middle East controls the world's biggest oil deposits and is the bridge between three continents.


The Middle East countries enjoys an advanced and prosperous economy, but also holds some of the greatest risks in the world, due to their complicated geo-political situation.

An important factor are regulatory limitations and lack of public records.

The Middle East is one of the most complicated Region in the world. Yet LapidIM became No 1 in providing investigations and information services in this Part of the World.

Recognizing the need for information and regional investigative services, LapidIM has developed research abilities in order to meet the needs of the international corporate world. 

Our staff Boots on Ground are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey and Libya. North Africa countries Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco although are not geographically part of The Middle East but speak Arabic are also included.


LapidIM’s team speaks all the local dialects.

From Our Experience:


LapidIM performed hundreds of assignments all over the Middle East, some of them during armed conflicts in Iraq and in Libya.

Investigating and exposing assets of a high profile Prince who owed 250 Million Dollars as a result of a US court verdict.

Conducting a complicated 1000-kilometer surveillance from Tehran to Istanbul crossing 5000 meters high mountains in an insurance case.


As one of our colleagues said: No matter what the political circumstances are, LapidIM team has Full answers and detailed reports.

Since in most of the Middle East countries, Private Investigations are not legal, LapidIM’s local Team members are researchers, security specialists and auditors.


Most of services are available to our clients: personal Background checks, Due Diligence inquires, legal Information, Media Search, Assets search, Audits and Inspection, executive security.

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