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Litigation and Legal Investigations

How good are your evidences?

Creative evidence gathering and professional presentation at court is one of our main advantages.


Our experience includes Hundreds of investigations, presenting our findings in support of our client's cases.

In many cases, our set of evidence provided by the client's attorney to his opponents, resulted the end of the trial before they reached the judge.

Interviews are frequently an essential of trial preparations. LapidIM’s team is experienced in conducting legal interviews, asking in the right order the questions that are important to the case, and presenting the questionnaire in a legal and clear manner.

The team is experienced in collecting and documenting evidences:

Professional Photography, taking professional photos of the scenery, people vehicles and equipment. Photos and videos are used as vital tools at Litigation procedures.

LapidIM utilizes drones to take videos of the scenery.  

LapidIM is able to provide advanced mapping and measuring software, creating three-dimensional models for legal use.

Audio and Video recordings are performed according to the local law and regulations.


LapidIM’s team testified in numerous cases at courts, presenting their findings of investigations in a professional manner, helping courts reaching decisions based on verified materials.

Legal and litigation supoort

Signing Legal Documents in Tajikistan

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