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LapidIM's Corporate and Private Investigations in Europe:

Many European clients have been interested in our comprehensive due diligence in depth background investigations on potential employees or partners from countries with booming economies. We provide business and legal clients with a rapid and convenient response to their inquiries regarding international investigations problems. 


LapidIM is prepared to offer more than simply information; we provide expert guidance in the design of investigative work and unique solutions to our clients' problems.

LapidIM has agents and affiliated colleagues In every major city in Europe. LapidIM cooperates with best professional investigators, security experts and researchers. All of them are members of our professional organization whom we know personally.

LapidIM’s Auditors force is another important source. The auditors are stationed at every key location in Europe, they are trained and experienced in Professional Inspection at sites, investigating educational tests audits and running media research.

All our auditors have academic background, many have second or third academic degree.

Baltic States:

LapidiM has conducted many investigations in Scandinavia and in the Baltic Countries, including Brand Name Investigations, Counterfeit Products Investigations, and Fraud Investigations, Asset search, Business Profiles and inspection assignments.

Western Europe:

LapidIM is committed to delivering high quality investigative services to its clients in Western Europe. To achieve this objective, LapidIM's CEO will be personally available for client consultation and support in London, Paris, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam and Geneva. 


LapidiM investigations and security services cover the Balkans, including Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, and Bulgaria.

Our services include: Asset Tracing, Corporate Investigations, Fraud Exposure, Surveillance, Audit and Inspection, Background Searches and Insurance Investigations.

Central Europe:

Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Moldova.

LapidIM performed many assignments in East-Central Europe and have developed a reliable network of professionals.


We investigated Jewish communities' inheritance, locating evidence for properties ownership in Poland, Romania and Hungary. Investigations of gold mines and economic interests in Romania, due diligence and background checks in Poland Romania and Czech Republic, IT Industry in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Asset tracking and exposure of insurance fraud in Bulgaria.


All LapidIM's services are available to our clients: Personal Background checks, Due Diligence inquires, Legal Information, Media Search, Intellectual Property investigations, Assets search, Audits and Inspection, Executive Security, Fraud Exposure Investigations, finding Missing People, Surveillance and Covert Operations.


Some examples:

Patents and Trade Marks Investigations: Exposing and proving Illegal use of Trademarks in Cosmetics, ,Music, Agricultural, Foods, Materials, Construction, Transportation, Education, Hi-Tech, armaments and more.

Investigations are executed in local languages, reporting in English. Evidences and Documents and is translated to English German or Russian.



In one investigation for a large German Bank LapidIM exposed hidden assets of a person who owed millions of Euros to the bank. This person opened dozens of bank accounts all over the Baltic region and many corporations using his relatives' identity.

LapidIM assisted a British Investment Fund researching comprehensively local enterprises that led to a successful and fruitful investment.

LapidIM discovered assets of a Jewish family that lived in Latvia whose properties were lost during the World War.

LapidIM’s team in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia performed dozens of professional audits at English Testing Centers, known as TOEFL in all the region cities.

Finance Institutes, Banking: Fraud and Embezzlement Investigations.

Assets search: Finding Lost Properties, finding Lost Bank Accounts, finding Lost Rights, Debtors and Bankruptcy Investigations.

Pre-Employment researches.

Pre-Investment and Due Diligence researches, Entertainment Industry.

Personal Background and History.

Business research and Competitive Intelligence, Artifacts.

Locating Missing Individuals.

intellectual Property Investigations.


portugal street

Investigating and surveillance in Portugal

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