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East Africa

Because of growing interest and the increasing number of assignments in this vast and increasingly important continent, LapidIM developed its own capabilities in most African countries.


 LapidIM's experienced Intelligence experts lead a team of well-educated, courageous young agents to offer the most reliable information and thorough investigation services in the region. 


Our auditors are trained and supervised by LapdIM’s professional team.

All of them have University degrees, they proved their loyalty and personal integrity, and they carried out numerous tasks ordered by a large non-profit organization.


We have our own assets in the following African countries:

Most of LapidIM Professional Services are available in East Africa, including: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Rwanda, 

Some services are available in Sudan, Mozambique, Eritrea and Somalia.


Experience gained in this part of Africa in Due Diligence issues, agricultural projects, raw materials inquiries, pre-Employment checks, fraud investigations and Executive Security assignments.


Jacob Lapid presented evidence as an expert witness in front of a judicial tribunal at the IDRC in London regarding a complicated legal dispute involving this large bribery case. This case crossed international boundaries, as it involved American and Indian corporations and their business interests in Africa. 

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