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Background, Due Diligence Credit Investigations

Due diligence investigations should be conducted as a safeguard prior to entering into any significant business relationship (e.g. partnership) or hiring any high level employee.


A due diligence investigation provides truthful information on the ability of an individual or other entity to fulfill their contractual obligations and responsibilities.


In the case of due diligence investigations into corporate entities, the purpose of investigation is to determine if the company has adequately disclosed financial and asset information.


In cases of fraud, theft or embezzlement, a due diligence investigation may be conducted to determine whether other entities (persons or companies) have sufficient assets to warrant a lawsuit.


LapidIM's team specializes in due diligence investigations in which access to records and data bases is restricted or limited for various reasons (e.g. countries that restrict access to public registrations, off-shore financial investment schemes, etc).

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