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Corporate Investigations

Examples of Corporate Fraud Investigations by LapidIM:


Jacob Lapid, CEO of LapidIM Global Investigations, presented evidence as an expert witness in front of a judicial tribunal at the IDRC in London regarding a complicated legal dispute involving a large bribery case.

This case crossed international boundaries, as it involved North American and Indian corporations and their business interests in Nigeria. 

Jacob chose to present in person to protect the identity of his local agents, whose lives and families were likely to be endangered by government reprisals if they had been exposed publicly.

Corporations all over the world face endless challenges. LapidIM has thirty years' experience in assisting managements coping with challenges.

Here are some of daily challenges that LapidIM would be able to assist in:


Information about suppliers.

Know your client.

Tenders Information.

Competitive Intelligence.

Internal issues.

Background Checks.

Due Diligence.


Inspection and Audits.

Executive Security.

Travel Security and Safety.

Accompany almost anywhere in the world.

Emergency Evacuation.

Litigation Investigations.


Case Examples:

A large Energy public Corporation was interested in investing in an Oil Field in a Central Asian country. Following American regulations, the corporation instructed LapidIM to perform a comprehensive research about the history of the oil field ownership. LapidIM discovered that behind the companies holding the rights of the Oil Field were members of a corrupted family that illegally took over the oil field.

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