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Patents Copyrights Intellectual Property

LapidIM Investigations is frequently contracted to investigate cases of copyright infringement concerning

Software, Music, Weapons, Electronics, Medicines, genetically engineered Seeds, Artifacts, Brand names, Trademarks and other Intellectual/Scientific Property issues. 

Examples of Intellectual/Scientific Property Investigations by LapidIM


• It takes years and significant financial investment to develop fruit and vegetable seeds. One of LapidIM's clients suspected that some of their leading seeds had been copied and that produce from these seeds was being marketed widely in North America.

LapidIM assigned a team to investigate, the trail led to large ranches in Central America. They discovered the origin of the seeds and provided proof of the identity of the thieves.

• A British company purchased specialized software developed for them by a Ukrainian software house. They were concerned about the security of their operations that relied heavily on this software for their operations, and they felt that the Ukrainian developers might sell the British finance group’s software to their competitors. The UK client asked LapidIM to identify the Ukrainian company’s owners.

LapidIM investigators found that due to tax evasion problems, the owners did not work or reside in the Ukraine. The investigators sent by LapidIM were also able to prove that the technical staff of the Ukrainian company was ready to sell the UK Company’s software to other interested parties, including the UK company’s competitors.

• A car manufacturer asked LapidIM to investigate the manufacturing and distribution of illegal copies of their products in Kazakhstan. LapidIM’s agents traced the distribution network and the illegal manufacturing facilities. Once it was proven that the parts were counterfeit, the local police and customs agents were informed. They raided the illegal manufacturers and warehouses, confiscating all counterfeit products.

• LapidIM was contacted by a lawyer representing a leading Japanese computer games developer and licensed gaming distributor. They had lost a significant part of their business to a company that sold a similar game on the internet, but the identity and location of this counterfeit games company was unknown. LapidIM’s covert operatives discovered the identity of the counterfeit company’s executives, and obtained evidence that their game had been copied from the original product.

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