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Affordable Audit & Inspection Solution

Does your agency or franchise in Papua New Guinea follow your procedures?

Do you want unbiased external inspections of your business interests in Mongolia?

Do you want your own representative presence at an important delivery in Africa?

Are you interested in having better control at remote locations, but concerned about the cost?


We have a low cost effective solution.

On short notice, you will have a detailed physical visit report answering all your questions, including photos.


We have developed an international network of loyal, professionally trained inspectors/auditors (operational/not financial), instructed and monitored by LapidiM. In one case, for example, we simultaneously provided 45 unannounced inspection and audit operations in Russia (7500 kilometers distance between the Western sites to the Eastern site).


For inquiries, contact directly Linor Regev Ravia our International Audit Coordinator. 

Coverage: Almost Every Country in the World


LapidIM has 450 Auditors operating all over the world.

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