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LapidIM assists Corporations, Law Firms, Research Institutes and Colleagues with Due Diligence Investigations, Financial Information, Assets Locating, meticulous Inspection Services and Background Checks.

LapidIM’s goal in Asia is reaching reliable accurate information in a reasonable short time even at remote locations. We have learned from hundreds of assignments all over the continent that nothing is simple and nothing is exactly what it looks like.

Local Investigators and native Auditors who understand the cultural differences combined with very close professional guidance are the key for a successful job done.

LapidIM started operating in these countries back in 1986, during the years LapidIM has developed close contacts with reliable sources and professionals. Jacob Lapid, LapidIM's CEO, maintains excellent personal relationships with leading agencies in the region.

Our Auditors and partners are located in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

LapidIM’s Auditors are positioned at Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Guam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Sri-Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

In India LapidIM specializes specifically in Governmental and Educational information.

LapidIM maintains strong and tight relationships with leading Asian Research and Security firms.

LapidIM’s Auditors are also located countries in Former Soviet Union in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and all over Russia.


Our Auditors are capable of Conducting Research, Obtaining Documentation, Performing Due Diligence, Inspecting Sites, Executing Interviews and Observations.



Some types of Investigations are quite common in Asia:

Products Counterfeit Investigations.

Death Verification for Insurance purposes.

Health and Injuries claims investigations.

Lost properties insurance claims.

Pre-Employment checks.

Locating Relatives.

Natural Resources, Mines, Oil Fields due diligence Investigations.

Educational Testing Centers inspection.

Goods and Transportation Inspection.

Fraud Exposure.

locationg missing people

Locating missing persons in Kyrgyzstan

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