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Artworks & Documents

A rare artwork is stolen?

Who holds an important original?

A Historical document has disappeared.


We specialize in locating stolen artworks, finding historical documents and negotiating with collectors. 


These require contacts all over the world and Jacob Lapid unique approach being an artist himself.

We have served famous Auction Houses, Universities and Museums in many cases.

Plagiarism Investigations

Judaica artifacts Investigations

Locating stolen Fine Art

Covert Purchases

Technical Questions

Archeological subjects’ Investigations

Locating original Handwritings

One of LapidIM famous cases was an investigative project aimed to learn about religious aspects of the archeological researches in the Middle East.


Another famous case was a Political Leader Letters to his lover, LapidIM was assigned to find whom and how the letters were stolen, from a safe where they were kept for many years.

Archive of lost documents in South Africa

Lost documents research and tracking in South Africa

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