Peter Buchsbaum

Retired at Superior Court Judge in NJ


Jacob, What impressed me most was your organization's speed in responding to my search. Also your associate's spirit and honesty in answering our questions, like what the initial charge covered. Mostly our family appreciated the thoroughness of the work which enabled us to reconnect with and later actually visit our cousin in Tel Aviv. Todah rabbah.

Herbert Simon – Vice President

Jacob has been my 'go to' professional for International, Due Diligence investigations. Jacob has produced information, within significant time constraints, throughout Asia, Europe and Africa. Regardless the target-country's political climate, Jacob (via incredible resources) has not failed. My Clients harbor strong suspicion that I have a 'genie-in-a-bottle', when I report Jacob's findings. Extraordinarily reasonable billing, solid results . . . I endorse him, utterly.

Stumar Investigations – Stuart Drobny:


Jacob and his team DELIVERS! All the time on time

David Ziegler, CFF,CFI,VSM

Certified Fraud Examiner & investigator at Ziegler& Associates, Inc.

Jacob has completed many sensitive files worldwide for a large International client. I give him my highest personal recommendation.

LapidIM является экспертом в расследованиях, проверках и обеспечении безопасности в любой точке мира, офисы LapidIM расположены в Атланте, Лондоне, Москве, Берлине, Алматы и Тель-Авиве. LapidIM решает вопросы корпоративных расследований, юридической экспертизы, выявления мошенничества, поиска активов, проводит расследования в сфере искусства и авторских прав, завещания и наследования,  мошенничества со страховкой, аудита и безопасности, обеспечивает наблюдение. Охват: Европа, Азия, Ближний Восток, Африка, Северная Америка.