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USA Canada Mexico & South America 

We provide Solutions to our Client's problems:

Our American headquarters are in Atlanta GA, and we have a broad network of trusted American affiliates and agents that would respond in no time to any request.

As a result of many assignments in the Caribbean, LapidIM has developed reliable intellectual assets, including excellent connections with government authorities and financial institutions.

In Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Guadeloupe and South America LapidIM provides investigative and information services and cooperates with leading local affiliates.


LapidIM are experts in conducting International Investigations, Audits and Security at remote locations, LapidIM offices are located in Atlanta, London, Moscow, Berlin, Almaty and Tel-Aviv.  LapidIM provides solutions for Corporate Investigations, Due Diligence, Exposing Fraud, Asset Search, Artworks Investigations, Copyrights, Surveillance, Wills &Inheritance Investigations, Insurance fraud investigations, Audits and security. Coverage: Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America.