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Do you doubt the report provided by a local PI?

Do you need investigating an insurance claim at remote location in Siberia?

How about an inspection at Khabarovsk?

LapidIM's Corporate and Private Investigations in Russia, Ukraine and CIS (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova)

LapidIM International Network now provides its clients with access to accurate, unbiased intelligence and effective business investigations in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and in CIS. Due to the high demand for accurate and unbiased information on Russian and Ukrainian businesses and individuals, LapidIM Moscow and LapidIM Almaty offices offer local teams and agents throughout the region.

LapidIM-Rís local branch staff investigators and researchers are located in Moscow, and have extensive experience in Russian government agency operations. In addition to the investigation service expertise, our Russian staff possesses the valuable "insider" perspective required to advise clients in strategic decision-making, given their knowledge of Russian culture and business dealings.

In service of a large organization LapidIM built up teams of loyal Auditors and Operators at key cities over the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and CIS:

Astana. Almaty. Baku. Baranaul. Bishkek. Dnipropetrovs'k. Kazan. Khabarovsk. Kiev. Kharkiv. Izhevsk. Irkutsk. Lviv. Minsk. Moscow. Novosibirsk. Odessa. Ola. Omsk. Samara. Saratov. Symferopol. Smolensk. St. Petersburg. Tatarstan. Tashkent. Tbilisi. Ufa. Ulan Ude. Vladivostok.Volgograd.Voronezh.Yekaterinburg.Yoshkar


Ulan Ude, Russia

LapidIM are experts in conducting International Investigations, Audits and Security at remote locations, LapidIM offices are located in Atlanta, London, Moscow, Berlin, Almaty and Tel-Aviv.  LapidIM provides solutions for Corporate Investigations, Due Diligence, Exposing Fraud, Asset Search, Artworks Investigations, Copyrights, Surveillance, Wills &Inheritance Investigations, Insurance fraud investigations, Audits and security. Coverage: Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America.