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Coverage: Europe, Russia, CIS, China, Asia, Africa, Middle East,   N. America, Remote Locations
A safeguard prior to entering into business or hiring employee

Assets Search and Locating Missing Persons

Recovering Loss, Prudent investors, abducted Children, Missing relatives

Litigation Support

Creative evidence gathering professionally presented at legal process

Artworks Investigations

Locating stolen artworks, finding historical documents, assisting museums universities, auction houses

Corporate Investigations

Disputes, Bids and contracts,  Business Intelligence, Coordinated Investigative and Security Solutions

Wills & Inheritance

Wills and Inheritance are subjected to fraud more than anything else

Security & Risk Surveys

Personal Security solutions in remote, dangerous locations allover the world

Copyrights & Patents

Intellectual / ScientificProperty Investigations, exposing copyright infringement

Fraud Exposure

Fraud and Embezzlement are a significant threat to Businesses and Individuals


Nothing can replace the expert"watchful eyeprovided by field surveillance teams

International Audit & Inspection Services

A cost Effective solution: An international network of loyal, professionally trained inspectors / auditors. 
Lapidim has over 250 Auditors operating all over the world.

LapidIM are experts in conducting International Investigations, Audits and Security at remote locations, LapidIM offices are located in Atlanta, London, Moscow, Berlin, Almaty and Tel-Aviv.  LapidIM provides solutions for Corporate Investigations, Due Diligence, Exposing Fraud, Asset Search, Artworks Investigations, Copyrights, Surveillance, Wills &Inheritance Investigations, Insurance fraud investigations, Audits and security. Coverage: Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America.